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A Guide To Giving A Promise Ring

Promise rings (also known as commitment rings and pre-engagement rings) have recently become a popular trend among couples. For those of you who do not know what promise rings symbolise, a promise ring signifies your desire to take your relationship to the next level. If you're not yet quite ready to get married, but do want to let your special someone know that you're committed to them, giving them a promise ring is a beautiful gesture. Here's a simple guide to choosing a promise ring. Read More

How To Keep Your Diamond Engagement Ring Sparkling Clean!

Your engagement ring is probably one of the most expensive and valuable pieces of jewellery you will ever own. While we all usually try our best to preserve its shiny lustre for the first few months, caring for your diamond engagement ring can be difficult. If you wear your ring everyday, it's absolutely necessary to maintain it daily. Most of our day to day activities expose the ring and precious stone to dirt, causing it lose its sparkling appeal. Here are some useful tips to clean your ring to keep it constantly looking brand new as ever. Read More