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A Guide To Giving A Promise Ring

Promise rings (also known as commitment rings and pre-engagement rings) have recently become a popular trend among couples. For those of you who do not know what promise rings symbolise, a promise ring signifies your desire to take your relationship to the next level. If you're not yet quite ready to get married, but do want to let your special someone know that you're committed to them, giving them a promise ring is a beautiful gesture. Here's a simple guide to choosing a promise ring. Read More

How To Keep Your Diamond Engagement Ring Sparkling Clean!

Your engagement ring is probably one of the most expensive and valuable pieces of jewellery you will ever own. While we all usually try our best to preserve its shiny lustre for the first few months, caring for your diamond engagement ring can be difficult. If you wear your ring everyday, it's absolutely necessary to maintain it daily. Most of our day to day activities expose the ring and precious stone to dirt, causing it lose its sparkling appeal. Here are some useful tips to clean your ring to keep it constantly looking brand new as ever. Read More

History of the Diamond as an Engagement Ring

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Choosing a Custom Engagement Ring for Your Special Someone

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Finding The Finest Diamond Rings Online

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Tips in Buying Diamonds and Other Jewelleries Online

With the many treasures and traps on the internet, buying things online can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re planning to splurge on expensive things like diamond rings. When it comes to buying jewellery, you’re likely overwhelmed with the onslaught of options that you have no idea what to do and you might be needing a little help. Here are some tips you can apply when buying jewellery online.  Read More

4 Reasons to Choose Custom Engagement Rings

Getting married is one of life’s biggest milestones. Your wedding day is something you think and dream about years before the actual event.Your partner may have already thought of their ideal engagement ring, the best wedding planner, the color of the flowers, even the food at the reception long before getting engaged. If you’re planning on settling down soon, start by ‘putting a ring on it’ in style. Read More

Tips For Proper Diamond Jewellery Care

Tips For Proper Diamond Jewellery CareWhile it is true that the diamond is the hardest mineral to ever exist in this world, not minding how to properly take care of it would be a complete waste of a very valuable investment. As they say, diamonds are forever, but its shine can be effected overtime just like any other gemstone.  Read More

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Choosing an Engagement RingProposing to your partner is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for most people. The lead up to the "big question" is usually more stressful than the actual engagement itself - when should I ask her parents' permission, where should I propose, and will she say "yes" are some of the more common worries. Then of course, there is the ring. Choosing a ring should be a very special moment for you and your partner and there are many important factors to consider. Read More

Did You Know? – Coloured Diamonds

Did You Know? Coloured DiamondsWhen it comes to diamonds, the first thing people might think of is a clear gemstone with no perceivable colour. This definitely is a perfect diamond's representations, but the fact of the matter is that these are very, very rare. What many people do not realise is that there are different colours of diamonds – nearly every colour in the rainbow. Read More